Thursday, February 11, 2010


Sure, only the title is captivating; reality though, sadly; is quite disturbing. ‘My Name Is Khan’, a much awaited Shah Rukh Khan film has run into a controversy with the Shiv Sainiks. Its sad that movie lovers of a certain region would not get to see the movie in theatres due to the already tense environment that the people involved have created, be it with their words or their egos or their so called ‘wisdom’.

In between, the movie watchers have formed their own opinion of avoiding such tense situations. Money loss, life loss or property loss; are just a few ‘petty’ issues that the people have to handle. It’s indeed wise on their part to actually stay away from such issues and situations.

The people involved in either the film or the political party are doing their best to suit the wishes of the people above them. Ultimately, they are the ones who suffer like the public. The people at the top, though, suffer maximum amount of stress and anguish and a high sense of insecurity.

This whole situation brings one to think that if none benefits then why come up with such self created problems ? Why does one issue lead to the escalation of another issue and cause so much heartburn to others ? Why does one keep ones ego above everybody else’s or everything’s benefit ?

With so much being done for the publicity these days, either for promotional reasons or propagation purpose, who knows what the reality is, besides considering the fact that the somewhere, the public, party and promoters are getting a raw deal.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Migration and 'Im'migration

The first thing that comes to the mind is a flock of flamingoes coming all the way from Siberia to India to enjoy the warm weather. There are other birds and animals who follow the pattern of migrating from one place to another in search of better living conditions. Hardship is just a part of life and adjustment to the different territory is another parcel of life.

The recent past months show a lot of social unrest in some group of people regarding the inter state migration of people to some preferred part of the country. Folks, indeed Mumbai is in the limelight, it has always been and probably will always be.

Times have changed so much. 10 years back, most of the Indians would dream of wanting to work in some foreign land, earn money and lead a comfortable life. Even I was in awe of the stories that I heard; that of being alien in some foreign land and being all by oneself. The luxury that people experienced would also be the focus of many a conversation. The talk also included the warmth that all Indians shared amongst the natives of that land.

These thoughts brought me to another reality - weren't Indians themselves fighting on a regional basis ? The same behaviour was exhibited by the other countries for the Indians. They also felt that the job loss was to be conveniently put on the Indians who it seems agree to take up any work which they would squirm upon back in India. Indeed surviving in a different land is tough.

One of my visits to the Lion Park in South Africa, introduced me to an Australian Lady who had come all the way just to be with the Giraffes. We discussed so many things, talkative personalities that we were. The 30 minutes of conversation made us realize that it is after all just a human to human bonding that matters. No matter what hostility we have towards each other, it is ultimately the bonding also that brings us together.

The migratory birds stick to their flock and prefer the comfortable convenient destination. Even we humans try to be in our own group and look for greener pastures.

Monday, January 4, 2010

I am as tall as my teacher !

"Hey ! Did you see the 'Bournvita Plus' ad ?" quipped Tina.

"Oh, not that one, you sure must stick to our favorite, 'Complan' added Rani.

I couldn't help but give my undivided attention to the conversation coming from the two sweet girls playing at the corner of the play ground. After all, who would want to miss out on a debate involving 'the complete food' and that too from the eyes of the kids themselves. But apart from the advertisement and the packaging, the next piece of conversation really impressed and amused me.

"Do you know, I am as tall as Sheetal teacher ?" said Rani to her best friend. Tina in the mean time was thinking of something better to add. And overhearing their conversation, I was surprised to hear this, for Sheetal teacher is quite tall with an impressive height of 5'7". My surprise led me to these two, and I casually asked Rani who is just 4'1" tall, 'How come you are as tall as Sheetal teacher ?'

"Oh Aunty ! When Sheetal teacher sits in her chair and I stand near her for getting my notebook corrected, at that time I stand as tall as my teacher" pat came Rani's reply with a ear to ear smile.

The three of us burst out laughing.