Friday, November 11, 2016

Outsourcing - 'sweet & sour'

As per the definition on TechTarget, "Outsourcing is a practice in which an individual or company performs tasks, provides services or manufactures products for another company -- functions that could have been or is usually done in-house. Outsourcing is typically used by companies to save costs."

Jobs getting outsourced is not uncommon. The costs and benefits realized from outsourcing has truly brought in cultural diversity. People relocate with respect to regions, country and even continents in search of greener pastures. Such a crowd struggles to prove their worth and find acceptability in their new home along with enjoying its locales and amenities. They assimilate traditional customs of their new home while at the same time try to practice their religious and traditional beliefs. The increase in number of such hard working professionals has also made an adverse impact and impressions on the local population.The cost of such migration and assimilation is what the world is still trying work out.

The same situation is seen in the service industry where services related to machines, work etc gets outsourced. This facility has benefited the customers in terms of ease in getting things done. A faulty electrical connection or a leaky tap; gets fixed in no time, all thanks to service providers. The customer does have to bear an additional cost for the home service but it hardly matters when compared to the convenience that it provides.

The Internet Service Provider commands a special mention as this service has become a part of our social and professional life. Adults and kids, all alike would find it difficult without this addiction of social networking. Internet or gaming or a virtual personality addiction; is something that has found acceptability as a problem and will also surely find the solutions. The total cost in such cases may not be completely understood till the change of entire generation and its attitude towards the world ceases to exist.

With so many outsourcing domains, what caught my eye was the concept on 'surrogate mother'. The idea of motherhood has now been 'outsourced' to cope up with a few problems ranging from medical to personal to convenience. Its strange to read about people who opt for this procedure in order to become parents; reasons are best laid at rest. The cost of such a practice is now in the process of getting identified and laws getting written in order to cope with the issues involving this.

God has his ways of running the world. Ancient scriptures do mention about medical marvels. Modern man boasts of discovering and inventing. It is the society that has to realize the pros and cons of outsourcing.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Madness vs Euphoria

Image result for zooming traffic vehicles 

I feel so much happiness within. The beauty of the world is so great. My body and soul, together is in tune with nature. The excitement brought by mother earth and nature is so much alluring.

The chirping of the birds bring immense joy that I can only feel and enjoy. The rustling of the leaves and the water flowing down the stream over pebbles and boughs, fills my spirit with music that only I can hear. This naturally orchestrated music is neither predictable nor assumed. No one knows the conductor but I can hear the enchanting music.

The mix of dark and blue sky with its shades of white and gray clouds, rising golden sun, the disappearing moon, flying birds; moisten my eyes and drown me in amazement that perplexes me and my soul.

The taste of moist morning dew on my hands and cheeks and nose, brings the warmth of water on my dry parched soul. I feel rejuvenated at being blessed with this splendid sight that I can hardly behold.

I start dancing to the tune that I hear, see, taste and feel. My joy transcends into movements and the rhythm within takes me further towards happiness. The movement of arms and feet is in tune with the rhythm within. 

"Vrrrroooommmm....", the sound of a bike and a shout, "Get out of the way, you mad man .... ", jolts me awake. I find the soft earth turning to black asphalt road, the chirping of birds changing into blaring of vehicle horns, the sky giving way to metro city line, the sound and flow of water turns to a jet of vehicles. None knows where they are going, none exhibits joy on face, none understands me; I try to stop them so that I can share my vision, but not one has the time for me. 

"Are these people mad ?", I ask.