Saturday, February 27, 2016

Your intelligence is my common sense

Manasi Kolhatkar Painting

Neha's hand at painting was drawing appreciation from friends and neighbors. Even her classmates would exclaim in amazement at her abilities. Her parents were also proud of her work and encouraged her in pursuing her hobby. Neha, on her part, would look forward to her drawing classes and work on her piece with concentration and gusto. Her teacher had seen a spark in Neha for painting water color or landscapes and he would give her challenging tasks.

'All this attention and praise should rather not go to Neha's head', her parents would think. So Neha's father would enquire about others' work too. He chanced upon the fact that acrylic paintings looked attractive. So one day, he asked Neha about taking up acrylic painting so as to learn new things. Neha was perplexed at this question for she felt that she had a lot to learn in water colors. So gathering her wits and confidence, she told her father that water color requires more effort and perfection. The color shades need to be perfect and once done, cannot be repainted. The acrylic colors on the other hand require more patience and concentration. The paint has to be dry for other color to be painted on top of it.

Neha gave quite some information to her parents that day who were ignorant of these facts. But on realizing the details, Neha's father exclaimed that indeed he has gained a lot of information and become more intelligent.

"Obviously, Baba, Your intelligence is my common sense ", quipped Neha.

All of us burst out laughing and Neha got the permission to paint her room as well. The required paints have been bought by her father without losing any time. 
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