Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Punching in the dark ...

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Nothing is as restricted and effervescent as the boxers punching each other in a boxing ring and nothing is more charged and verbal as the audience watching the boxing match. Pity goes to the boxing referee who needs to be constantly alert and on his toes to avoid getting unintended punches. Protocols are strictly practiced to ensure that the match stays restricted to the boxing ring only. But, life is no boxing ring; it has no boundary; nor does it have well defined opponents; neither does a referee step in to give oneself a breather; nor are friends and family to run to. One has to forge through the difficult and exult in triumph, with the heart and soul of the pure hard worked mind. 

These days, most people organize life around their job; not job as part of life. Career or job and family have lopsided equations, with jobs consuming major chunk of time and energy. No wonder the ill effects of fast life has decelerated the human species. Though, wise people have succeeded in balancing both aspects and managed to maintain an equilibrium to ensure peace and contentment. 

My pity to those who are clueless about their own aspirations, requirements and wants. The struggles at ones workplace and the need to constantly outdo the peers, toppled with their egos and compounded by family issues, makes one wonder, "who am I fighting ?".  Ain't I sapping my energy and effort in struggling with unseen forces. The problems faced by my friends and colleagues and their expectations; are a constant reminder of how power is misconstrued. 'With power comes great responsibility', so goes the saying; but what about the uncertainty and unforeseen situations?; ain't it to be concerned about.

The scenario with superiors is no different; with their interests more in getting things done and accomplished. Their need to perceive the bigger picture, has no place for small personal issues and petty problems. Their perception about various cultures, people and personality; is as firm and strong as a mountain. The mountain is not easy to move or budge. So grudge, a worker must. It gives rise to the need for compromising power and position with peace and presence. An article in The Times of India on 'why women have jobs not careers'; confirmed this thinking.

A woman has a lot to balance, home, husband, children, pets, grocery, jobs, peers, superiors; and gets immense satisfaction in small things such as a clean home, happy talkative children, involved partners, playful pets, beauty treatments, informal discussions with peers, appreciation from superiors; who needs to keep on struggling with proving oneself at work and progress up the corporate ladder at the cost of losing out on so much happiness? Who would enjoy punching in the dark, not knowing when the other's fist hits you? The suspense and fear of being hit, is not much to look forward to. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Pinocchio and The Avengers

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Pinocchio is a fictional character and the protagonist of the children's novel The Adventures of Pinocchio by Italian writer Carlo Collodi.

Marvel's The Avengers or simply The Avengers, is a 2012 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name.

Weaving a story and reading books go hand in hand. The story and the book, both take the author and the reader to a different world of fantasy and imagination. The digital era has brought with itself the blog concept which equally fascinates as per the theme. As a reader of this blog, you may well agree that Pinocchio and the Avengers; are both very famous in their own right and situation. While Pinocchio is known for his long nose associated with lying; the avengers are more so known for their super power to protect the mankind. While one character is all about humancharacteristics and nature to educate children with good habits, the other characters are imaginary with human emotions added as a dressing to their technicality to let children visualize the advanced thinking of man. Both thoughts are progressive in their own right. And although Pinocchio has lost his popularity compared to the Avengers, there are quite a few traits that interest me to carry his story forward.

I grew up with reading lot of story books on mythological characters, fictional characters, romantic novels, sci-fi novels etc. Few of the characters took shape and voice on television, cinema or other such multi media. It interests me to see the characters from books come to life on screen. Though, as a child, I had problems distinguishing reality from cinema. I always wondered as a child that how could this actor be in this cinema when he had already been killed in the previous story that I had seen ?! This confusion made me wonder as to what we as a generation are imprinting on the young minds of today's generation? 

The incessant stream of Marvel and Disney characters with their super powers and time and space travel; is a perfect way to blind the young child of the reality that exists in the world. The small little joys of family, siblings, pets, nature, friends etc as well as mundane problems of people, digitization, industrialization, environment etc are nowhere in focus to deal with. The far reach-ability of films and television remains yet to be exploited to address social, environmental and geographical issues. A few animation films did make a mark on the importance of nature and society. A few did shed light on the psychological and health problems of today's generation caused due to modernization. Most of these efforts got blinded by the fictional and sci-fi movies. These movies did explain scientific facts in an interesting and innovating way. The children and grown ups had a glimpse into scientific complexity in the simplest way for the juvenile mind to fathom.

Curiously, a young mind is very impressionable. A child might indeed get the wrong impression of super heroes and space travel with time travel. In such a case, aliens visiting earth and staying with the family might not be imagination but a psychological problem which escalates even more due to the attachment of children with the electronic gadgets. It becomes a challenge to distinguish fantasy from reality, true friends from a crowd, family, real experiences; that matter to individuals.
On the other hand, the social media and relevant groups and organizations have the complete onus on themselves to educate the citizens of the world and promote good healthy practices. They have been quite successful in high-lighting the numerous issues and problems faced by society and nature at large, thereby promoting the young generation for a reality check and feeling a sense of involvement. Family bonding and friendly binding are getting prominence through various social groups, out door activities, indoor games etc. Many children are aware of both the instances where human emotions and gadget deliverance; both are treated distinctly.

Whether it is Pinocchio (a wooden doll with human nature) or Avengers (human with superpowers), let us enjoy them as stories or movies and appreciate their excellence but at the same time let us try to take the subtle message of human nature, ability and emotions; that they convey.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

My Hamsters Intelligence

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The truth is that we learn immensely by way of observing nature and in the process accept that certain animals or plants are far more aligned and adapted with nature to make us realize that we have a lot of catching up to do. Nature has its own ways so that one learns and finds amazement and happiness. The way by which communication takes place is different for various species depending on the species' intelligence. The communication between ants, bees, birds, whales, humans etc has been studied and documented; only to realize and accept the fact we need to cross our boundaries of science or human behavior and cognize species' behavior for an in-depth knowledge. The response of few animals before the earth quake, has helped many to wonder about the simple warnings that nature could give. Similarly, my observations about our hamster, 'Michoo' surprise me about its ability to communicate its intentions or needs or moods, as may be the case (along with my ability to decipher them :)).

Every morning, I have to pick up a sleepy Michoo from its cozy corner and feed it with small portions of vegetables, nuts, fruits, rice, roti etc and allow it to roam free for some time. During this time, if he tries to be in search of a place and circles it at least thrice, then it means that it wants to urinate. All I do is pick it up and put in bathroom which ensures no mess or foul smell. I find my hamster intelligent enough to tell me about its urgent need and wait for me to relieve himself in appropriate place. It would at times come to me and tug on my feet so as to attract my attention which usually meant that he wanted me to surprise him with some treats.

During one of our family vacation of 15 days, we asked one of our animal loving family friends to take care of our dear pet. On our return, I went to collect our pet and was chatting with my friends about our trip. Lo and behold ! on hearing my voice, Michoo started looking for me in the well maintained cage and on my opening the door, he very cautiously walked into my palm, smelled it and licked it. I interpreted his behaviour as a display of his love towards me and also the fact that he was glad to be with his family and home even though my friends had been very loving towards our pet. This reflects intelligence on part of the hamsters who know their familiar surroundings and their family.

There are many interpretations of my hamsters behaviour and many that I failed to notice. The intelligence of any animal for that matter needs to be studied and analyzed in context with their natural habitat which questions our interpretative ability too.