Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Save for a rainy day !!

The little girl in red and white frock, jumped in the puddle; with muddy water splattered all over her. The sweet smile and water dripping from her curly black hair, added to make the picture perfect. The rain also danced to her steps and the rain drops falling on the puddle, rose higher and higher to touch her and be close to the child and shield her from the wind; wanting to blow the clouds away.

My daughter's excited voice brought me back to my warm home. Her wide eyes showed delight and excitement at having got up from her afternoon sleep to find the rain and all the excited children dancing and playing on the ground below. The sweet smell of wet earth was still fresh in the house.

'Can I go out and play ?' asked my daughter, excitedly. And out she went on hearing a yes and seeing a smile on my face.

I watched my daughter and all her friends having a nice time in the rain, getting wet and splashing in the water and a different look on their face. Even the trees and plants sported a new look. The flowers were also dancing to the tune of the raindrops. The wet grass shone like a green carpet and the grass blades trying to stay afloat the rain water. The birds were all grooming themselves and having a bath, the animals looking silently at the rain.

The rains had finally arrived to the dry region and arrive they did with a full thunderous shower.

I hurried in the kitchen to make some hot pakoras. They are expected at such times and I could already get a faint smell coming from the kitchen belonging to my neighbour. My daughter would surely hurry up and ask for a plateful.

By the time, my work was done, it was already over 2 hours since the rain started. I sat down on the cozy sofa and looked out of the window. The kids were now collectively working out some game and trying to build a barricade to trap the water. I wished to go out and play with the children. 'What is it that stops me ?' I wondered.

I went down to call my daughter for some hot pakoras. She looked at me with water dripping and her face lighting up with joy. 'Come on Aai ', she called out to me and came running towards me, to hold my hand and drag me into the cool and happy moments of getting drenched with water and mud and the joy of playing in the puddle.

All the kids gathered and around and we all played 'Ringa ringa...'The happiness was manifold and made me realise that I would rather save my mature behaviour for a rainy day than miss this joy away!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Mirage

My grandpa once told me of a golden deer,
running here there and everywhere;
Thought he saw water near
Alas ! who would tell of the imaginery well nowhere.

Years passed, I grew big and strong
My father told me of his animals and fields;
At the farm I felt the days short and nights long,
I worked hard and realised my dreams.

I am a man now and living in luxury
I have people working for me
And have nothing to worry ?
Is it really? For I am rich only by money.

The market holds the cash in stacks,
The banker boasts of lending so many.
The Bull and the Bear each patting on the backs
Why am I standing so lonely ?

I dream to go away and own a farm
How I remember my grandpa's words so warm !
'Aye my child ! The deer is safe in the foliage'
'Alas !' I say, this is just a mirage.