Saturday, August 22, 2009

I was worried about you !

Late, one evening, I decided to go to the internet cafe for chatting with my husband. The little rain and damp weather could not weather me down, and so I went with an umbrella in my hand. My daughter was playing with her friends in the garden and so I went alone. She had wanted to come with me for chatting with her Baba, but I thought it better to let her play than make her sit before a computer.

It took me one hour at the cafe. In the meantime, I figured out that my in laws would stay at home and my daughter would be back from her play and be safe in the warmth of the house and grand parents. This assumption proved to be wrong as I later realized.

With these thoughts in mind, I walked briskly at home. The rain had stopped and the weather was cool. I noticed the kids playing in the garden. I did not see my daughter, maybe she was somewhere nearby. I went upstairs and found our house locked. Strange ! Who would want to go out in this weather? Any way, I unlocked the door and went inside and switched on the TV. The same time, I kept a watch on the kids still playing. Still no sign of my daughter. Worried, I went down again. One boy informed me that my daughter was with them till five minutes ago. So we searched in the approaching darkness. He also added that he saw my mother in law going out all alone. So my daughter was not with her too. All this increased my anxiety. We called out to her friends where there was a dance practice going on. The search yielded nothing.

By this time, quite a few people had got worried. So all the kids did the most practical thing. They called out my daughter's name again and again. And there she was!

Running fast like a deer, she came to me and hugged me. I could see some tears in her eyes and so I held her tightly in my arms. She clung to me and whispered softly in my ears, "Oh! Where were you Mom, I was so worried about you !"

And then I heard her side of the story. After her play, my daughter had come looking for me in the cafe and because I was seated in a corner, she did not see me in the cafe and so went back and stood guard near the gate. Unfortunately, we did not see each other when I came through the gate and kept on worrying for the other. At that moment, I realized how deeply concerned we were for each other. It was not just a mother worrying for her daughter, the daughter was also worried about her mother.

My daughter suddenly looked so grown up and mature.
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