Monday, July 7, 2008

I am Magnificent

I am Magnificent

Standing tall on the mountainous slopes of the Konkan region, I breathe with pride the fresh air and the warmth of the newly watered soil. The first rain has been a boon for me and my baked and cracked skin. Ah! Those hot summer days! They send a shiver down my spine. Birds around me would be so happy in the mornings to welcome the sun and a new day but by midday, they would all retire in their cozy nests, away from the sun’s glare.

I have no other place to go except to be on the slopes, holding the soil in place and watching the day break and sun set. No other similar friend in the vicinity to talk to me and hear me talk of my thoughts.

“I long to go out and play,
and sway my arms to the music, all day.
How I wish I could also jump with joy
and run like the lanky boy. “

The Konkan Express passes me by everyday. The train is such an elegant piece of man’s creation! With such dignity and majestic stature, the train breezes past the landscape, bringing life to all and I swell with pride just waving at it. That’s life. Life is indeed strange, I can only stand and wave!

What is it that pulls me down? Why not I climb mountains and cross the rivers? The greens and browns are sure for me, but why not I wish for the reds and blues of thee?

It is only when something holds me for support and climbs up and up, that I feel happy to have lent support. It is only when something grows near me that I find a friend and a companion. I am indeed happy to have them and the trains moving past me everyday. They whistle and huff and puff and I feel lucky to be there waving at so many passengers.

Life is indeed beautiful and I am also a part of it. So many souls look around to get a glimpse of the beautiful landscape and exclaim in delight, “wow! Such a magnificent tree!” Yes. Indeed I m the big and beautiful tamarind tree. Kids love to come and have the sour fruit. I bear with dignity their attempts at getting the fruit. Its so nice to feel wanted and at the same time want all to come to me, build homes on my branches and sing to the world. Mother nature has always been fascinating to me.
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