Monday, July 7, 2008

It’s all in the mind.…..

It’s all in the mind.…..

I am always apprehensive when I am about to visit places where I have been before. It is a feeling that is hard to describe. One is happy to go to such a place as it refreshes your pleasant memories associated with it and deep within the feeling of being what one was before, surfaces in the turbulent mind. Turbulent mind – because one has lot of expectations related to meeting the same set of people or the same places, confusion related to others expectation of you, whether some other person will recognize you or not. Such emotions well up only due to the changes that a person has witnessed within as well as in the outside world.

With such thoughts, I made my way down to the majestic building. I looked around to see all the familiarity and then the grand gate stood before me. How nice! I had not expected this, what a pleasant surprise! Ah, there were a few changes that I could see once inside. It suited the overall environment. All the vehicles were orderly arranged which was something rare before.

I stepped inside the porch and the carvings on the wall called out to me. ‘Still the same’, I thought. The bats had made such niches their home and once or twice you could also see the other birds. The smell of years old dust was still there. My anxiety was laid to rest. I felt happy to be in familiar territory. The tiles were broken at a few places more than I remember, had to happen with so many enthusiastic youngsters walking down the aisle everyday, day after day.

The summer season had done its duty of reaching to the darkest corners and making all the possible corners, free of bacteria. The rains would surely take care of washing down all the things, be it trees or buildings or roads. The winter will also ensure to make its contribution, by giving warmth to all. Indeed its not just warmth, its much more. Leave aside the seasons, it’s the colour within that comes because of so many dedicated and familiar people.

The MS University of Baroda, is what I have been talking of. Ah! There is Anjali Ma’am and I am relieved that she recognizes me. She has changed since I last saw her as a student, with some more weight and straight hair, she is looking great. I found HJP Sir sitting in his cabin and reading some books, as expected.

There are few things and situations that never change or rather you don’t expect them to change. You feel at home only because you find them the way you expected them to be. Isn’t this what we always feel? I missed you all when I went to MSU. I could see us all sitting on vehicles in the parking lot and felt like going to myself and say “did you miss me?”
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