Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Theory Of Relativity

Great, indeed is Albert Einstein to have formulated such mind boggling theories in Physics at a very nascent scientific age.

   "Man's imagination in the beyond, his faith within and his ability to prove things is truly surprising and inspiring"

His gray hair and casual style are as confounding as are his scientific theories intriguing. One wonders of his day to day simplicity in living and his complexities in thinking. As a reader, I also savored most of the stories on him and his unpredictability. No wonder that most of his kindergarten teachers found the little boy not like other kids. Oddity can be a specialty or a disability; who can predict the potential within.

So many thoughts on the Greatness of a human being, came to my mind, but hey ! I need to keep my blog on track too. What interests me is the title ie Theory of Relativity. This title is also so much relative just like the theory itself. The theory speaks of the movement of objects in trying to explain the concept. Even my thoughts about this is in line with the actual theory but instead of the objects the focus for me is a person in two different situations.

I still remember the city I grew up in, the city with its familiar people; the daily vegetable vendors, the shopkeepers, the sweepers, our maid and not to forget my set of friends who made me define myself and my place in this world. I always cherish memories of having a 'cutting' chai and the spicy Indianised Chinese food along with my friends constantly discussing either the problems as faced by a teenager or the aspirations of the young generation. I also cannot forget the good parts of bad roads or the bad parts of good roads ! How traveling was enjoyed due to the good spirit and a longing for the 'yet to have'.

All this suddenly changed when after a decade, I stood all motionless in an 'unknown' part of the city that I so proudly call my home. The location was all same, but I was out of place. No familiar faces, no recognizable buildings, no friend to share the chai, no road having that familiar pothole; in short, nothing that I could relate to. The city had moved leaving me back in time. Only a select few people were there to actually make me understand the reference.

Standing there, watching the world go by made me realize that the people had indeed moved quite far ahead, I still remained a decade back. I surely was among the fast and moving person in the new city that I currently stay, but going back made me feel completely out of place. I was still living in a world that was 10 years old and people around me had reached a new destination in time.

This made me wonder whether Einstein's theory was any different. And frankly speaking just like the two objects, its people who either stay behind or move forward. Theory of Relativity is indeed a relative subject; at times talking of objects as subjects and some times talking of subjects as objects.
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