Thursday, July 30, 2009

Little hearts, Bigger ideas !

"A clean slate is the best for writing and reading" And so is the child's mind for unraveling the original ideas. It is the reflection in its purest form, with no dust of streamlined thinking and no scratches of objective and subjective knowledge.

Its refreshing to know the ideas of a children. They see the world with their own view, they assess with their own understanding, they enjoy with their own enthusiasm; such is the beautiful world that it becomes difficult for them to comprehend an educated person's teaching.

It was on one such occasion of a mother daughter 'home work completion session' that I asked my daughter of a General Knowledge (GK) question from her book about God making whom as the most intelligent ? I had expected 'MAN' as the answer as per the writing or at the most hearing a joyous and mischievous 'ME' as the answer. But to my surprise, I heard 'GOD' as the prompt and straight forward reply. I was surprised and on giving it some thought, I realized that indeed, my daughter had said the right thing. God, if one believes in, is truly everything.

As a person, I do believe in a super power which I call as GOD. Although, I am not those religious kinds, I do have faith in the Almighty. Whether we follow the religious books or not, whether we tell ourselves of His existence, one thing that I am sure is that the universe is too big to comprehend and bringing uniformity in chaos and chaos in uniformity, does require His divine intervention. Trusting the intelligence and doing our duty unfailingly and with full dedication, benefits all and one.

Situations open your eyes and your mind and this incident of question answer session answered many questions unasked.
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