Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Most parents inadvertently want to hear that their child looks just like him or her. It goes without saying that even a one day old baby generates lot of talk on its resemblance to either the father or the mother. The baby shows many changes in the facial features and accordingly so do the views of others.

I was also a witness to this situation since the day my daughter arrived. Earlier, I felt happy to know that my daughter had taken after her father, but slowly, I started to long for someone telling me of the mother daughter similarity. I would dress up my daughter in lovely frocks and nice hair bands and beads and fancy shoes and so many other things; in return trying to find myself as a little girl, in my daughter.

Couple of years passed, my daughter dresses her dolls the same way that a mother would dress up her child. She has now started taking interest in drawing pictures of an 'all girl's band' and 'Hannah Montana'. Her ability at riding a two wheeled bicycle at the age of four really surprised us. She had the greatest gift of sweet talking her way through; she normally converses effortlessly with any person; old or young, shy or extrovert. With so much of personality asserting, our talk as parents shifted to what traits had our daughter inherited from which parent.

I remember an idle afternoon when again the topic of resemblance cropped up. This time I put my foot down to tell very clearly to my husband that my daughter resembled me although she looked like a father's daughter more. I went on to describe that her eyes were like mine and so on and so forth. My husband was in no mood to give up the argument. Looking at the two of us, my dear daughter pacified us both by her witty remark saying, "Oh, momma, I resemble Baba in face and I am just like you as a girl".

Listening to her very diplomatic reply, both of us burst out laughing. Hopefully, our arguments in this regard have been aptly put to rest. For more such arguments, I wish all the parents 'All the Best'.
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