Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The two ribbons

Ever wonder, where has the 'ribbon' word disappeared ? As a child, I remember many girls my age, with black or white ribbons adorning their long oiled plaited and parted hair. On special occasions, all girls would be wearing colored satin ribbons.

The ribbon has shown quite some evolution. It started off with some cotton material which was quite broad and would get folded along the length of the ribbon. The next improvement came with the synthetic ribbons which are popular even today for their crease resistant property. For parties and birthdays, the satin ribbons proved to be a major attraction.

So no wonder that I loved to tie up my daughter's hair in two pony tails dangling in the air and the ribbons flying in the wind. Though, I must say that on returning from school, the picture would be reversed ie the ribbons dangling in the air and hair flying in the wind !

And do observe the face of the daughter, when her hair is getting tied, the slightest of hair pull, brings a frown upon the face and though satisfaction for the daughter is rare, any other person being preferred over the mother for doing the hair, is simply unheard of.

Such a pretty picture brought memories of my school days and the way my mother tied my hair. Though, the hands that tied the ribbons have changed, the bond between the two individuals still remains ever so strong. The elaborate ritual of oiling, parting, combing, plaiting and finally tying the hair with the ribbons is special to a mother daughter relation. The ribbon ties just not the hair, but also bonds the mother and daughter, together.
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