Monday, May 2, 2011

Artistic Sense and Sensibility

Summer vacations arrive with a bang ! They bring with them - the right to sleep late, to wake up late, to play the whole day, to demand ice cream and cold drinks as if it was every child's right and to always ask one question - "Mom, what should I do now ?" I never had any problems answering this question during the school days for my daughter is always busy with her routine, but in the vacations, this questions foxes me.

My Father in law promptly thought of putting his 'busy' grand daughter in a Drawing Class. My daughter shows keen interest in drawing and colouring and we feel very happy when she gets an award or certificate for her abilities. So grandpa took all the trouble of assembling all her drawings and taking the file to the drawing class teacher; who lives a short distance away. The teacher, Mr Kate, was pleased with the drawings and so next day onwards, the class started.

The first day was a formality in checking the usage of pencil and shading with the crayons. The second day progressed to what my daughter likes most that of putting her world on paper. The world specifically includes all doll like girls, depicting various actions; at times animals or sometimes nature. The third day impressed us all - her teacher had made her do a scenery and taught her how to bring it to life !!

Deeply impressed, I went to bring back my daughter from her drawing class on the fourth day at about 6:15 pm. I found the building and the flat and on entering the house; I was surprised - there was no furniture but only huge painting boards put here and there. The kids were seated on the airy terrace and I saw my daughter immersed in her work. This gave me time to observe the paintings on the wall, on the floor; practically everywhere. I could not make out her teacher but I noticed a young man with jeans and shirt and glasses and long hair. I guess this must be Mr Kate; all artistic people do really make themselves be seen. His wife is a beautiful and pleasing personality; trying to help out with the kids and classes.

Again my attention shifted to the room where I was and I found myself with ample amount of time to study the paintings as a layman. A dark red background with some whites and greys like a Stone Age man painting, a half finished painting with a young maiden turning her head away and exposing her neatly plaited hair; and some such other paintings. Frankly, I understood nothing ! Though one painting caught my eye - it was a grey blue coloured one probably depicting a snow mountain range and in the middle as a small man shown as a red dot and two dangling unequal black lines. I focussed my attention to this one and my thoughts drifted to the man who is all alone in a hostile cold environment.

But hey ! the legs were moving !!! Surprised, I stared at it again and Oh ! it dawned on me that this was a CLOCK; the legs of the man were the hands of the' clock and the red dot was the centre !! I could barely control my laughter and wonder at what high level thinking' i was doing without making use of my common sense.
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