Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hey Deva !

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Children are children and they manage to make you loving, jittery, angry, confused, moody, jovial etc, with the flick of a second. You are very loving and affectionate towards your baby when your baby is sleeping soundly. You are very proud and confident as a parent when your baby gets cajoled and coochie cooed by others. A sly smile or a toothless laughter evokes the greatest of joy in one and all. At other times, when your baby is sick and cranky, you are the most confused person trying out all remedies that you can think of. So no matter how many children you have or looked after, the situation is same for all - you are a bundle of emotions. Which emotion will unfold at what time, is all you can expect when it is least expected.

I had no different experience. One day, I had taken my seven year old daughter to 'Surya Mukhi Datta Mandir' near our house. I am not a very religious person, neither an atheist, but I enjoy being in a temple with its quiet and serene surrounding; the fragrance of incense stick; the ringing of bells and the chirping of birds on near by trees. I even enjoy talking to myself of all things I observe.

Holding my daughter's hand, I removed my foot wear, walked a few steps and together we stood in front of God, with our hands folded.

I said, "Hey Deva ! mala buddhi de, hatt karaichi nako, radaichi nako. (O God !  Bless me with knowledge, let me not be adamant; let me not crib). After my prayer, I turned to my daughter and instructed her to do the same. She promptly folded her hands and said, "Hey Deva majhya Aai la buddhi de, hatt karaichi nako, radaichi nako. (O God !  Bless my mother with knowledge, let her not be adamant; let her not crib).

The sudden turn of things, shocked and amused me. Together we burst out laughing.
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