Monday, September 21, 2015

I am my maid's maid !!

It is a luxury for any working woman to have a house help at home. There is a symbiotic relationship between the woman of the house and the maid servant, that develops over a period of time and bonds the two women together. Though it is a boss employee association, I think we all agree that in a short span of time the two women welcome this association for their mutual interest and eventually respect each other. Maybe, at times, there are misunderstandings or ill feelings due to employee boss issue but finally, no one can do without the other. 

I am no exception to the above universal rule. My maid whom we call 'maushi'; is an elderly lady who amazes me with her energy and dedication. She has always helped me out whenever there have been adjustments related to her and my working hours or taking a day off for taking care of other problems. In turn, I have to follow her instructions on the resources she uses or demands. At times she also treats us by bringing fresh vegetables grown in her farm. Must say there is nothing more relishing than eating vegetables that have been hand picked and also a rarity in most cities. The taste and feel is heavenly. From my side, I gift her with a few necessities to make her living more easier. She is a part of our family and we all are polite and friendly with her. 

We all cherish such a gem of a person and especially try to adjust to any inconvenience caused due to her absence. So, when a few days back, Maushi informed us that she will not be coming for a week as she needs to work in her fields, we all distributed the tasks among ourselves. The distributed tasks were not much of a bother as we did them as per our schedule, though at the end of the week, I must say that our enthusiasm dwindled and we got bored. The next day our maushi was to resume her duty so all thoughts were diverted to her and her hard labour in the fields. We all wondered how tiring it must be to work in the fields after doing household chores. Her tired and rough hands in our imagination had a big impact; we all did the dishes and other things so that our maushi would not have to put in much effort. 

This practice of not burdening our maushi has resulted in us doing the household chores and I feel that I am my maushi's maid. This thought at times amuses me and at times it gives me a sense of satisfaction. 
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