Saturday, February 27, 2016

Did you bring the purse ?

I recall this incident that happened a few years back when my daughter was about 4 year old. Our house was located near a garden which would be full of children and their mothers in the evening. You could witness excitement and chaos with the garden full of children running, shouting and playing around. Such a situation is an opportunity for the balloon sellers as well. No wonder that there would be a few around the garden.

One evening, after playing for over 2 hours on the swing and slide and fighting with friends, my daughter finally called it a day! Deep within, I was relieved to finally get back to home, have dinner and sleep peacefully after a job and cooking and the garden part. So the two of us started to walk home. Stepping outside, my daughter saw the balloons and wanted me to buy one for her. Quickly I gave her the red balloon that she so much wanted. The joy and excitement on her face and a doubt on mine, were two contrasting expressions. I was worried that everyday this would get repeated and the talk of good parenting would fly into the air.

The next day, as expected the same thing happened. My daughter insisted on buying another balloon. But obviously, I was prepared and told her that I had forgotten to bring my purse with me. No purse meant no money and no money meant no balloon. Disappointed, my daughter looked at the bunch of balloons and we walked away. I was surprised at her understanding nature and I also gave a pat on my back for instilling a sense of money value in my daughter.

On the third day, I made some cooking arrangements and both of us dressed for going to the garden. Locking the door, I was preoccupied with thoughts on cooking that would follow on reaching home, when suddenly, out of the blue, my daughter asked me, "Did you bring the purse ?". "Yes, Of course ! Dear, why do you ask ?"

"So that we may buy the balloon !", said an excited little girl's voice.

Before I could stand my ground, I knew I had been bowled over. It never struck me that my daughter would catch me in a situation like this.

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