Sunday, April 24, 2016

Happy Streets @ Kothrud

'Happy Steets' - an event started by Times of India on Sundays for the residents of various parts of Pune city; is some thing that every individual looks forward to. I was no different. I wanted to feel the event on all the 3 Sundays when it was first announced to take place in our area. The first day, I got up all refreshed and raring to go on the street upon hearing the loud music. 

The activities going on as part of the event ie zumba, cycling, football, skating, drawing etc added to the  energy of one and all. I was especially interested in zumba dance as it involved light exercise and dance movements; both. All youngsters were dancing away to glory and so I too joined them for enjoying the moment and coordinating the steps with the stage dancers. Though, I had little experience as a dancer and with two left feet, I enjoyed the jumping and movement. This activity proved to be refreshing for me as  I was required to keep up with the others and at the same time soak in the happiness all around.

Sure, people are happy happy to be part of happy streets as the streets provide for a vehicle free and relaxed sunday morning. 
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