Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Memories not Monies

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Hurriedly, me and my daughter locked our home after a quick appreciative glance at the mirror and left for a pre wedding function. We were welcomed with all smiling faces and a 'mogra veni' to be put in the plait or bun. The beautifully decorated hall along with smiling faces added warmth and effervescence to the entire proceedings or the rituals. Small and big groups of people and the running frenzy of children; added life to the venue. We greeted all who's who of the family. The initial hi's and hello's soon turned into recollection of funny incidents or memory rattling acquaintances. No matter the age or gender, the talk would soon divert to childhood anecdotes, marital musings, health howling and so on. All would be happy in just the recollection of old memory or the thought of being able to relive it again. The smile and joy on their faces is unparalleled; even a hearty meal is no comparison of the contentment brought on by the memories.

The same feeling of contentment is brought out after recalling the memories of hardship and strenuous work. The actual situation may have been difficult at that time but once it gets retold, you cannot escape the satisfaction that was achieved by the person who at that time might have totally given up all hopes. Our elders talk of such physical and financial hardships and how they saved every penny for a better future for their children, enduring pain and giving up basic comforts.

When we see our children attending birthday parties, we do recall our own and wonder if they could qualify as parties at all given today's expectations. The entire recollection of a party would ideally revolve around the problems involving organization, invitation, execution etc given the fact that you had to take your parents approval, convey messages, manage within a budget and so on. Compare this with today's scenario when the children are provided with everything.

Observe the animal lovers and pet owners who will recall with pride and moist eyes their most loving experiences about their each and every pet. Pets teach you to be responsible and considerate and most of all they provide you with a life time of memories. Their playful faces, their angry growls, their irritated meowing, their health, their mischief; everything gives you memories.

Memories are what brings joy to our mundane lives. Money is necessary as per our concerns or wants but no amount is satiable. I feel that the memories are more desirable and hence I try to weave them into my daughter's life in my own way. No wonder, I ask her to help me in covering the books for the next academic year; No wonder I ask her to be considerate towards others, No wonder we argue over trivial things (at times); No wonder we bake a cake together; No wonder we go out in the rain to bring pani puri packet; No wonder we stay awake late into the night during examinations; No wonder, I decided to bring a manageable pet in our flat, just so that I could give memories to my daughter. It is more satisfying to have a recollect-able memory than the monies. 
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