Wednesday, February 21, 2018

My Hamsters Intelligence

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The truth is that we learn immensely by way of observing nature and in the process accept that certain animals or plants are far more aligned and adapted with nature to make us realize that we have a lot of catching up to do. Nature has its own ways so that one learns and finds amazement and happiness. The way by which communication takes place is different for various species depending on the species' intelligence. The communication between ants, bees, birds, whales, humans etc has been studied and documented; only to realize and accept the fact we need to cross our boundaries of science or human behavior and cognize species' behavior for an in-depth knowledge. The response of few animals before the earth quake, has helped many to wonder about the simple warnings that nature could give. Similarly, my observations about our hamster, 'Michoo' surprise me about its ability to communicate its intentions or needs or moods, as may be the case (along with my ability to decipher them :)).

Every morning, I have to pick up a sleepy Michoo from its cozy corner and feed it with small portions of vegetables, nuts, fruits, rice, roti etc and allow it to roam free for some time. During this time, if he tries to be in search of a place and circles it at least thrice, then it means that it wants to urinate. All I do is pick it up and put in bathroom which ensures no mess or foul smell. I find my hamster intelligent enough to tell me about its urgent need and wait for me to relieve himself in appropriate place. It would at times come to me and tug on my feet so as to attract my attention which usually meant that he wanted me to surprise him with some treats.

During one of our family vacation of 15 days, we asked one of our animal loving family friends to take care of our dear pet. On our return, I went to collect our pet and was chatting with my friends about our trip. Lo and behold ! on hearing my voice, Michoo started looking for me in the well maintained cage and on my opening the door, he very cautiously walked into my palm, smelled it and licked it. I interpreted his behaviour as a display of his love towards me and also the fact that he was glad to be with his family and home even though my friends had been very loving towards our pet. This reflects intelligence on part of the hamsters who know their familiar surroundings and their family.

There are many interpretations of my hamsters behaviour and many that I failed to notice. The intelligence of any animal for that matter needs to be studied and analyzed in context with their natural habitat which questions our interpretative ability too.
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