Thursday, August 21, 2008

The day I was born…..

The day I was born…..

Many a soul have wondered on this thought when they reminiscise about themselves, their achievements, their childhood……the list can be endless. So many wonder ‘I am so lucky…..’ , ‘The world is so lucky….’; even I have had this thought on all my daughter’s birthdays.

I still vividly remember the pain that started around three in the early morning, the LABOUR pain. I had been so worried about being able to recognize pain as labour pain, and there it was!! No woman would have any doubts about this pain being the one. And there I was, in so much hurry to go to the hospital! At that time, there was only one thought, “once I am in the hospital, my pain will be more manageable and my baby will come to me. So lets hurry to the hospital”. And needless to say, don’t ever argue with a woman in such a situation. My dad, one of those peculiar dads, the ones who get worried but don’t know what to do; started cleaning the car at four in the morning. Till then, my mother and mother in law were discussing about the frequency of contractions. Here I was in pain and all my dear ones were irritating me further.

At last! We reached the hospital and the room and I was hopeful of seeing my baby quickly, but then the doctor too had her say about the time and all I could do was remember the advice of others and the books and keep my cool.

Luckily for me, my pain ended at about 8 in the morning when I saw my daughter and heard her sigh. But what worried me was that she was not crying. Don’t they show in all held her upside down and patted her back, but no sound. Then it started, music to my ears and relief to the doctor. I think the first cry of the baby is the best, later on it turns to jazz.

Six years passed, with every year showing a different side to my daughter. Her father is completely in her hands. That must be true for all fathers. My parents have always been there for me and my sister, no matter what reason and season.

I took up a job and my in laws are always there for my daughter to hold her, to wipe away her tears, to tell her a story, to hear her stories and talks, to see her dance, to teach her, to show her the rainbow, to let her play in the rain and so many things that only a child can make the grand parents take to becoming a child once again.

A few days back, when my daughter came home after playtime, I went to her with the apple in my hand so that she would be happy. But what !! the daughter I knew, who was me, myself, suddenly and rudely turned me away. I retreated without a word with hurt in my eyes quite visible. My daughter immediately saw my reaction to her action and felt so bad at having done this to me. She came running behind me and pleaded with me with different valid reasons, her apologies all brimming and bursting from the corner of her eyes. I was distraught myself and my hurt too was about to spill over. We both hugged each other and held each other close. All hurt and remorse was washed away. I was so happy that my daughter had shown such courage and understanding to accept her bad behavior and realize her mistake and also to make her mother understand her.

We both became ‘friends’ again.

The incident made me realize that cutting the umbilical cord does not separate the mother and the baby; the bonding still remains; what is it then that separates the two?

It is the longing for individuality.

A mother who brings and nurtures a child in this world, a father who provides a shade for the child to grow till he is ready to face the sunlight, grand parents who provide the necessary water and rainbows; and friends who make you stand taller and more confident; all contribute to the building up of a personality.

I am so happy to see us all together and together we see a child becoming an individual.

Well, ‘the day I was born….’ is not the day that my mother gave birth to me; it is not the day that I gave birth to my daughter; it is the day that I see my daughter becoming more independent, more mature, more caring, more understanding and above all; moving from a daughter to an individual. It is so beautiful and joyful to see your baby grow. Your baby who was you, yourself, a part of you and the love you share with your better half.

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