Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Diamonds are a Girl's best friends

One day, over a cup of hot ginger tea, I sat with myself beside me, all quiet and the distant sound of a vehicle or so. How happy I felt to talk to myself !! This solitude came not because of lonliness but because of a bad throat infection which left my vocal cords all useless. Not a word could I utter ! People found it funny, I found it to be a tonic, not for my body, but my soul. Such thoughts came to me when I suddenly realised that even a friend is a tonic to your confidence, ego, mind and so many things that just you can share with a friend.

No childhood goes without a friend, you are together to fight, play, fool others, play pranks, enjoy, share your ideas and fantasies and so many things. Such friendships are so close to your heart, you will share everything later on also when you accidentally meet your childhood friend. I have been blessed to have so many friends who helped me grow and helped me to fight even if it meant fighting with the friend !! I recall such days as they gave me a good foundation to stand on my feet and see the world not only with the amazement like that of a child but also with the so called 'maturity' of a young woman.

"Situations change and so does time,
friends come and go with love still there in the heart of thine. "

Time spent in the college with a new found set of friends is so cherished. Whether it is bunking classes to go to see movies or sharing a plate of uttappa, going to the library for the purpose of studies and ending up chatting with your buddies, preparing for study notes together and fighting over the subject with each other, such things are what constitute the colourful college life. I still enjoy and smile when I recall these memories.

Even after taking up a responsible job, tendency of humans to bind and socialise hardly diminishes, the circle of friends always increases, instead of sharing the uttappa, we share thoughts over a cup of tea, instead of bunking classes, we strain our glasses (spectacles).

So many facets of a person get polished over a period of time that the personality shines. A diamond is nothing but a stone, it gets picked up and polished to reveal the true colour, clarity, cut, carat and this is what leads to the cost. A person who has got his facets of the personality polished is like a diamond, so precious not because of self but because of all the friends who made him so valuable. Every soul touches so many other souls to become more and more polished and in turn also help polish the other.

'Diamonds are a girl's best friends' is indeed true, not for the precious stones but for all the souls who have her a strong person to shine in this world.

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