Friday, October 16, 2015

Blood : A Murderer it does not Reveal

The recent movie, 'Talvar' on Arushi Murder case, created a lot of flutter once again in the minds of the audience who were already tired of discussing the fate of the unlucky girl, her parents, their servant; the modus operandi of the law and the attitude of the media. The release of the movie followed with the opinion polls of the public on the safety standards to be followed in case of households having servants; has only added to the on going discussion on the actual murder of two unlucky persons.

What actually happened on the fateful day, one cannot say; but what transpired afterwards is for all to see and analyse. Sure there was blood, but no murderer has been captured ! Sure there is a case of chaos and nobody to blame !

Two souls lost their lives and the culprit(s) is (or are) yet to admit the guilt or are waiting to be captured. Isn't it strange that the human conscience would not permit the concealment of such ghastly deed and yet none would dare come forward to admit the crime that would haunt the soul till death made the escape more easier ? Has the society moved to such a brink that there is no conscience left ? As a citizen of this world, we all witness the plight of refugees. The photograph of a motionless baby boy on the beach did evoke a huge world response but who is to blame for the tragedy ? We are mute spectators when the carnivores devour the herbivores; calling it an act of nature. Surely, the humans being done away with by the humans, is not an act of nature. Is it then something to do with the individual fate ? If so fate gave an equal chance to all, those who helped others lose lives are content with the fact that blood spilled does not reveal the murderer at times. Those who sacrifice themselves for others are contented with the fact that they were of help to someone. The feeling of contentment and discontentment is what distinguishes the good from the bad. This quality of the human nature does not need to reveal, it can only be felt and believed.

It is aptly said that 'Truth is stranger than Fiction'
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