Friday, October 9, 2015

Gods love contemporary

Image result for dancing boy cartoonThe 10 day Ganesh Festival in Pune brings with itself lot of planning, arrangements, processions, dhol tasha preparation, decoration etc. Having a darshan of the elephant God or its display results in a crowded street with people jostling past each other and shouting at the top of their voice even when there is a loud music system. The same fervor can be seen in festivities across the country where traditions and culture are on full display.

In this gaiety, it is worth to mention the enjoyment as well as distress caused due to the loud music system. The occasion may be any, but the songs being played out are keeping in tune with the public choice and not as per the suitability of the festival. So whether it is Ganesh festival, Navratri festival or any other, you would normally find God being entertained to disco songs, rock music etc. which is a pain for the human ear (medically proven fact).

It was one such occasion that I saw one such over enthusiastic crowd dancing to the tunes of latest songs. God had no say in this except for watching the people. The serenity on God's face and the happiness of the crowd in a ear tearing loud sound, was contradictory and confusing to me. My eyes were now fixed on a young boy of not more than seven years who was in his own world trying to mimic the dancing steps of famous Bollywood heroes. His accomplishments were lauded by the onlookers and other dancers. Their cheering was only too drowned in the loud sound system. The boy's dance and his energy kept on building with every new song. The smile on God's face also made me see that indeed He loves contemporary. 
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