Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Cartoon Footprint

Image result for minions traffic jam
The current times have seen a tremendous growth, effect and implications of the animation industry. No wonder that then I felt it absolutely necessary to understand the impact of this in our daily life. I am talking about the CARTOONS in all its forms and the joy it has brought or taken away from us. A baby is first introduced to the cartoon characters in the first few days itself. All baby things like clothes, bottles, nappies, toys etc have atleast one cartoon character on it. Not to forget that even we admire such designs. The craze for the cartoons is thus set because not only is it attractive for its colours, but it also means that the baby has been introduced to a friendly version of the animal kingdom. As a child, we will realize that all kids things like pencil, eraser, pencil box, lunch box, watter bottles etc have the cartoons imprinted. Over a few years, this cycle is repeated, very much like 'History repeats itself'.

The animation industry too has bloomed through its advanced techniques as shown in motion pictures, serials etc so much so that at times it takes an effort in identifying the real world from the animated version. The concept of being kind to animals is cleverly shown through the introduction of talking animals. No wonder that kids expect animals to do the talking !! Movies like Lion King, Happy Feet, Madagascar etc have indeed brought out the problems and difficulties faced by the flora and fauna; which is an eye opener for us all, but at the same time the younger generation is mislead from the hard realities of the jungle life that the animals face.

The amount of effort put in by various technical and non technical people in coming up with innovative ideas, is huge. At the same time, the resources developed and utilized for maintaining such ideas on animation; is large. A rampant use of resources has increased the carbon foot print all over the world. A recent news about a giant balloon on a minion (cartoon character) interested me. The huge balloon had collapsed on a busy road and had brought the entire traffic to a stand still till the balloon could be removed. Such a huge cartoon footprint surely needed a mention in the daily worldly reporting. And this makes me wonder about the enormity of the situation that we have actually initiated and developed.       
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