Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Drawing Competition

It is with great pride and joy that I narrate my experience about a 'Drawing Competition' that my daughter participated in Pune that truly drew the crowds to her work. The competition, organized by Maharashtra Times in five different venues at Pune, saw a large gathering of enthusiastic children of various age groups between 8 to 13 years. All children were engrossed in their artistic skill while the parents kept an eye on their ward and chatting with other parents.

The appointed photographer had a great landscape to capture; with innocent faces, concentrated eyes and busy hands, the children provided him with a perfect blend of emotions to be clicked. Though, I noticed the photographer quite away from my daughter to notice her work, which I otherwise would have loved to be clicked.

Anyway, after about an hour to spare, my daughter had nearly completed her painting when one good observant lady pointed her out to others, mentioning the beauty of the painting. A group of people soon started to notice her and her work. I was an observer to this; all the while feeling very proud and happy; I resisted from mentioning our mother daughter relation, for I wanted to soak in each and every compliment given to her. At last, when the people had settled and nothing more was to be said, I mentioned casually that the girl they were talking about is my daughter. All mentioned that indeed my daughter has exceptional talent. Parent who were into similar area, even pointed out that the techniques used by her are quite difficult to learn and implement.

At the end of the drawing competition, I realised that one participant had succeeded in drawing not only a beautiful picture but also had drawn together all strangers in their admiration of her drawing. 
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